Sunday, January 2, 2011

Second Annual No Junk Food January

I am again partaking in No Junk Food January.  This year a few more friends are taking part of the festivities--Ryan, Christina, Shana, Ben and Crystal.

Junk food, I know, is relative, but here are my rules...
-no soda
-nothing fried
-no dessert or candy things
-no excessive amount of cheese

My competitive nature is loving this so far (yes I am only three days into this but I'm loving it.)  It is so much better this year having Ryan doing it with me rather than being able to watch him indulge in the yummy stuff around me.

You can also find us having several conversations a day that start with "Do you think this is junk food?"  I like that it is making us think much more about what we are putting into our bodies.

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Actuary Mom said...

Good luck with it!! :)