Wednesday, January 5, 2011

That's GamBOLing not Gambling

I made the plunge and bought a domain name.  My sister, Kassie, encouraged me after her plunge of

So why Gamboling....

Once my friend, Kate, forwarded me once upon a time the word of the day that happened to be "Gambol."  The word instantly made her think of me.

Yep that is me.  I am one who is often found skipping down the hallways at work, galloping up sidewalks to my friends' houses, jumping through doorways with my arms flailing at my house, dancing randomly throughout the grocery store.  This is me.  27 yet still gamboling through life with joy.


[gam-buhl] verb, -boled, -bol·ing or especially British -bolled, -bol·ling,noun
–verb (used without object)
to skip about, as in dancing or playing; frolic.
a skipping or frisking about; frolic.


b+k said...

love it. LOVE IT!

Actuary Mom said...

yay! I think it is a great name! :)