Saturday, April 30, 2011

Early Bird April

Early Bird April was a success.  The rules for this past month was Monday through Friday wake up at 5:30am and on Sundays wake up by 7:00am.

What I learned:

1. Sleep is very important to me.  (okay well I already new that.)  9 hours is my perfect amount, but going to bed by 8:30 never happened (well once or twice it did.)  This caused me to walk around like a bit of a zombie this month.  I was exhausted 50% of the time, usually on Wednesday, Thursday and by Friday I don't know how I made it through the day.

2.  Ryan and I both had sweet consistent times reading our Bible in the morning.  The time was never rushed. It was wonderful and relaxing.

3.  I started making an egg every morning for breakfast.  My coworker, Lisa, likes to share her random knowledge with me.  Apparently if you eat protein in the morning, you will stay full a lot longer.  This month I completely cut out my 10:30am snack because of this simple egg.  It was amazing.

4. I never want to do this ever again in my life, but I know the day will come when I have kids...blurgh.  I better start praying for being able to function on less sleep.

Onto You May Not Social Network May.....

This means  no facebook, twitter, blogs (writing or reading.)

This could be very interesting.

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