Monday, January 9, 2012

Word of 2012

I read in a Christmas letter once, well actually I heard about someone's Christmas letter once, that each member in their family chooses a word they would like to represent the year to come.  I've decided I want to do that.  Well I want to do it at least this year, and hopefully I'll remember it for years to come.


I want genuine to mark my year this year.  This word has been on my heart this last month.  I feel like this past month God keeps showing me time after time where I am am lacking genuineness.  I pursue people and conversations out of obligation, but not a true heart to love them and know them more.

I'm ready to dive into this.  I know I'll fail over and over, but I also know God has put this word on my heart for a reason.  I want to really be present when I talk to people.  I want to show a real interest in who they are and where they came from.  I want to be excited when I see people.  I want to love them with a real genuine love and not an obligation.

Luckily God has given me some pretty sweet role models in this area.  I can think of two friends in particular who rock in this area.  Every time I hang out with them, see them or just give them a hug, I know they are different.  This word radiates from their life.

So here goes....

Friday, January 6, 2012


For 2012 I want to:

complete the 3rd Annual No Junk Food Jan.

complete P90X (the workout plan and meal plan)

run a marathon in the fall

read at least 12 books

do a meal plan for every week

use the envelope system for money

be genuine in my relationships

get rid of diesel heat

redo the kitchen floor

build relationships in Woodward, IA

volunteer somewhere on a regular basis

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Self Control 2011

Self Control 2011 is finally over!

October:  We got off easy and just did No Snooze again.  We hadn't thought of something and woke up on Oct. 1st and was 'oh no', so we quickly improvised.

Novemeber:  We did Move in November.  God unexpectedly put a house in front of us that we could not say no too.  We moved in and worked our buts off paiting, stripping wallpaper and cleaning, oh so many hours scrubbing.  The house has a whole lot of more things to do to it, but for now we are taking a happy rest and enjoying it after a laboress November and December.

December:  Drive it Right December.  We had to obey all traffic laws to the best of all ability.  That means go the speed limit, stop behind stop signs, stop completely, no aggressive driving, use turn signal when changing lanes and when turning corners and when parking.  It was hard.  WAY hard, I realized I break the law a lot!  It made me much more conscious of the speed limit in different areas of town.

Final Summary:  I loved Self Control 2011.  I love that we're not doing it again, but also love the togetherness it created in Ryan and I's relationship.  Having the same goals together each month, was a blessing for our marriage.  Being able to walk along side each other when certain months were harder than others for one of us.

We do have lots of goals planned for 2012...stay tuned....

Monday, January 2, 2012

Life without Internet

I have a couple of real excuses for why the blog posts have been very few and far between this year.  First of all when you have a desktop computer that is nine years old, it has definitely seen its better years.  You would have to restart it 3 to 5 times to get the internet to work.

Finally Ryan and I decided lets buy a new laptop in Septemberish.  It was wonderful to be able to be on the computer while on the couch.  I was so exciting for all of the future blogging that would happen.

But then, Ryan and I decided to move to the middle of nowhere, 1.4 miles outside of a town of 1,000 people.  Who would have thought there are actually places in America where there is still no access to high speed internet?  There are....shocking, I know.  The only internet we would have available to us would be dial-up.  (Yeah dial-up, that thing from middle school.)

Not having instant access to internet anytime you want has been this strange giving me this strange sense of cleansing.  It is slightly freeing to know that I won't respond to emails right away or see every tweet out there. It's slightly freeing to now pinterest won't take over my life.

It is strange one of the big things I think not having internet has hurt is my cooking.  I didn't realize how often I would look up recipes on the internet and compare them and mark my favorites in google reader.

Ryan and I are looking into getting an iphone or getting a phone that will give us a wireless connection, so we'll see.  In the meantime I will love this refreshing freedom.