Friday, January 6, 2012


For 2012 I want to:

complete the 3rd Annual No Junk Food Jan.

complete P90X (the workout plan and meal plan)

run a marathon in the fall

read at least 12 books

do a meal plan for every week

use the envelope system for money

be genuine in my relationships

get rid of diesel heat

redo the kitchen floor

build relationships in Woodward, IA

volunteer somewhere on a regular basis


Actuary Mom said...

yay. I like the list.

Jenni Schwartz said...

Just a thought: The P90X meal plan is VERY expensive to try and follow. I did P90X last year and lost a ton of weight but only did the meal plan for the first week and then had to rethink that as it is SO expensive. However, the recipes are AMAZING so use them anyway!

Second, if you make your return to book club you will be guaranteed 12 books this year. ;)