Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Self Control 2011

Self Control 2011 is finally over!

October:  We got off easy and just did No Snooze again.  We hadn't thought of something and woke up on Oct. 1st and was 'oh no', so we quickly improvised.

Novemeber:  We did Move in November.  God unexpectedly put a house in front of us that we could not say no too.  We moved in and worked our buts off paiting, stripping wallpaper and cleaning, oh so many hours scrubbing.  The house has a whole lot of more things to do to it, but for now we are taking a happy rest and enjoying it after a laboress November and December.

December:  Drive it Right December.  We had to obey all traffic laws to the best of all ability.  That means go the speed limit, stop behind stop signs, stop completely, no aggressive driving, use turn signal when changing lanes and when turning corners and when parking.  It was hard.  WAY hard, I realized I break the law a lot!  It made me much more conscious of the speed limit in different areas of town.

Final Summary:  I loved Self Control 2011.  I love that we're not doing it again, but also love the togetherness it created in Ryan and I's relationship.  Having the same goals together each month, was a blessing for our marriage.  Being able to walk along side each other when certain months were harder than others for one of us.

We do have lots of goals planned for 2012...stay tuned....

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