Monday, January 9, 2012

Word of 2012

I read in a Christmas letter once, well actually I heard about someone's Christmas letter once, that each member in their family chooses a word they would like to represent the year to come.  I've decided I want to do that.  Well I want to do it at least this year, and hopefully I'll remember it for years to come.


I want genuine to mark my year this year.  This word has been on my heart this last month.  I feel like this past month God keeps showing me time after time where I am am lacking genuineness.  I pursue people and conversations out of obligation, but not a true heart to love them and know them more.

I'm ready to dive into this.  I know I'll fail over and over, but I also know God has put this word on my heart for a reason.  I want to really be present when I talk to people.  I want to show a real interest in who they are and where they came from.  I want to be excited when I see people.  I want to love them with a real genuine love and not an obligation.

Luckily God has given me some pretty sweet role models in this area.  I can think of two friends in particular who rock in this area.  Every time I hang out with them, see them or just give them a hug, I know they are different.  This word radiates from their life.

So here goes....

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