Monday, February 27, 2012

Goal Update

I already gave a bit of goal update regarding my book progress, but here's the rest.

For 2012 I want to:

complete the 3rd Annual No Junk Food Jan.
Done!  Rocked it out, by far was the easiest out of the three years I have done it.  I also lost seven pounds which I'm sure I have already gained back.  And that is why the next goal exist...
complete P90X (the workout plan and meal plan)
Starting March 1st...scared like no other
run a marathon in the fall
the thought of this still freaks me out
read at least 12 books
Seven out of twelve read
do a meal plan for every week
yeah, not so much...lets say we'll start this one again on March 1st
use the envelope system for money
Woot, have done an excellent job at this, but still splurge once in a while like yesterday on a fancy toilet bowl cleaner.  I didn't have quite enough in my envelope, but decided I would try it because our toliets get incredibly nasty quickly due to the days before the house had a water softner.
be genuine in my relationships
This is a work in progress.  A BIG work in progress.  God is showing me how gross my heart is in regards to some people.  I have a feeling there will be lots of humbling this year regarding this.
get rid of diesel heat
We have had two places give us estimates.  Working on saving up money at this point.  To go geo-thermal or LP, that is the big decision.  Both pay off themselves in about five years, but one cost a whole lot more than the other.
redo the kitchen floor
With the discovery of the possibility the we could get geo-thermal, all of our savings are going that way for now, so we'll see if this gets done.  Hopefully it will still, but I would rather have central air than new floors.  Bring yellow floors for another year!
build relationships in Woodward, IA
Not so hot, but hopefully when the weather does get warmer, we'll be able to go out aka have the energy to go out and meet some peeps.
volunteer somewhere on a regular basis
Ryan and I volunteer at a nursing home in Perry every Tuesday night.  At first we were reading them Little Heathens which was fun, but the employees at the nursing home weren't always the best about getting people to our reading group.  So now we just go an hang out with whoever wants to talk.  I learned a lot about growing tomatoes this week and Ryan got to hear a lot about WWII which he enjoyed.  

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