Monday, March 5, 2012

P90X Update

I am officially five days into P90X.  I am sore.  I'm hoping I am not this sore for the next 90 days.  I didn't know sitting up from bed required so many muscles until after these workouts and I can feel each of those muscles send pain signals to my brain as I sit up.

The diet plan hasn't been going the best.  I haven't cheated at all (as in haven't eaten something I'm not supposed too), but I am having a very hard time eating enough calories everyday.  I have more of the mindset that if I can't eat what I want and enjoy I will likely not eat anything.  Not anything, but not very much.  I'm working on this.  The hardest part for me is the four servings of vegetables a day and the seven servings of protein.  I am working on some more creative ways to get those servings in.  Hopefully some of the food I bought yesterday will add some variety beyond chicken breast, salads and raw veggies this week.

Ryan and I typically have $60 a week budget for groceries.  I did increase the budget to $80 for this diet.  I think this will mainly be because we will no longer be going out to eat once or twice a week.  I will also have to pack my lunch everyday for work, rather than eating the yummy fried food that is given to me for free.

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