Friday, April 27, 2012

P90x Update

And here goes week nine!

This last week was a rest week and it was glorious. Overall Ryan and I have become much more lax in following the diet. We now probably cheat once or twice a week. By cheat I mean we might eat one cookie or have an extra serving of a carb. Nothing too crazy.

What I have realized about the diet portion is just how much junk I eat and is available to me. My body only needs so many carbs to function well. It definitely doesn't like the sugar an processes foods I try to throw in it.

I can do four chin-ups. I still can't quite do a real pull-up, but the fact that I've never been able to do a pull-up or chin-up and now I can do four. I'll take that.

I'm down from 171 lbs to 162 lbs! I'm pretty excited about that. I haven't weighed that since my freshman year of college. Ryan and I didn't take our measurements before starting and that bums me out because I know I heave lots of inches.

I did go buy a pair of jeans last week. I had been wearing size 14 and I'm down to size 10!!! I haven't worn size ten since my senior year of high school (ten years ago!)

Here goes the last four weeks! Woot woot!

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