Wednesday, May 2, 2012

cute little rubber ducks

If you haven't yet, you should adopt a duck for the YESS Duck Derby!  You can adopt a duck here.  Your duck that you adopted will be thrown into a lake for a very intense duck race.  If it crosses the finish line first, you win $10,000.

More importantly than $10,000 (though I'm sure I would be able to replace my kitchen and living room floor with that, too bad I'm not eligible) you help some pretty rockstar kids.

YESS is an emergency youth shelter in Des Moines, IA that serves at any one time fifty two kids (birth to 17yrs).  It is an amazing place with bright walls that strive to go above and beyond for every child that walks through its doors. I'm pretty passionate about it (ask anyone who has ever asked me about my job and has had to listen to my ten minute rant about how great my job is) and I really believe in the work we do.

So if you have a moment and five dollars to spare, definitely think about adopting a cute little rubber duck that will in turn help a child who walks through these doors feel cared for, loved, and safe.

You will make a difference.

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