Thursday, May 9, 2013

Letter to my Mom (part 8)


Mother's day is fast approaching.  It is amazing to think  you have been gone for over three years.  I was always told mourning would return during major life events.  I knew it would, but that didn't help prepare me.

In eight days mom, Ryan and I wil be adopting two of the most wonderful kids.  They are gorgeous.  They have such wonderful personalities.  They absolutely love Grandpa Paul and I know they would have loved you too. 

It breaks my heart that I won't and haven't been able to share this journey with you.  This roller coaster of emotions.  The moments of heartache, the moments of unbelievable joy. 

You would have loved getting random pictures sent to you.

You would have loved to know that they beg to go over to your house every weekend.

You would have loved to see the pure delight on their face when they see you. 

You would have loved to see them ride the toy tractors around in your backyard.

Today is hard mom.  The excitement and joy of knowing the adoption date is quickly approaching with the pure sadness of you won't be in that courtroom and you'll never get to know E's silly personality and A's kindness. 

i love you.

your favorite,
kaci jo