Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Quiet Life

I love a busy life. I love adventures. I love discovering new places. I love to go. I love doing this with my three children.

But my sweet child...

She can't. She needs predictability, structure, routine, known expectations.

She needs quiet.

My heart longs for her to heal. I tell God I'll do anything to help. Anything to see a miracle of a crushed spirit become whole.  

He whispers 'quiet your life.'

'But God no, not that.'

Learning to quiet my life for the purpose of healing, for the purpose of my child, for the purpose of her fragile heart. It hurts. It's hard. Seems so selfish the pain in is selfish...

God make me more like you, make me selfless, give me the strength to love my child in a way you have called me to love her sweet soul.

1 comment:

Lissa said...

I think this aspect of selflessness is one of the hardest for me as a parent!