Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Here Goes...

Life summary since May

Adoption day was perfect.  Friends. Family. Love. Surprises.  What a sweet blessing. 

'You no longer have to wonder. You're their parents forever. You're their kids forever.' -the judge 

A and E are ours.

Stay at home mom. Goodbye days at YESS. Bittersweet.

Therapeutic parenting...exhausting.  

Staycation. Small town celebrations. Family is so good for my soul. Perfect days at Grandpa Paul's with not enough Bomb Pops. 

Swimming. Parks. Bike rides. Sunshine. 

A baby boy

Sweet sweet baby cuddles

A heart murmur, waiting...

Too many doctor appointments...tears come and go

More cuddles. The world stands still as he sleeps on my chest.


Tuberous Sclerosis, a new journey...my child is remarkably and wonderfully made...must believe through heartache

Yet there is something perfect about his baby smile.  A gift that brings joy that can't be hidden.

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Anonymous said...

He is a perfect gift from a loving father. God knew Porter needed a mom like you. One who will do whatever it takes and will love him unconditionally.