Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Every Little Milestone

Milestones are exciting.

Every new trick a child can, grasp, move

Each parent waits eagerly for each little thing.

Baby P laughed today. 

My heart was overwhelmed with joy, tears flowed.

Each milestone is so precious with TSC. 

TSC could strip it away at any moment.

But I will live for this moment, the moment with laughter.

For now, I will tearfully, joyfully enjoy each beautiful laugh and praise God for my child who has been remarkably made. 

Perfect 70 Degree Days

Perfect 70 degree days call for escaping. To a place with no one else, just us. 

To run, to stand in amazement

To experience the look in this boy's eye. Pure joy.

To Discover a perfect walking stick and a land of his own.

To become a skipping rock master

To be blissfully free.  'Look wet sand!' It was such a simple thing, but such a gift to her.