Saturday, November 30, 2013

We have been loved well.

This year has had moments (that seem to last weeks, months) of survival mode. Hanging on. Getting through each day.  

The best way to sum up this last year, these past four months is we have been loved well.

Loved by our family, friends, coworkers, church, strangers, friends of friends. 

we were loved...

Meals made, meals delivered. 
(My kids would add desserts, lots of desserts that have made their hearts smile.)

A sweet new friend texting and saying 'I have several freezer meals to give you tomorrow.' 

Groceries bought, delivered.

Surprise birthday parties.
Surprise sisters flying in to celebrate.

Prayers, so many prayers. 

Notes of encouragement mailed. There's something about getting a real card in the mail that fills your soul.

Text messages, saying hi. 
and friends knowing I'm terrible at responding especially in survival mode and they're okay with that.

Gas cards at the perfect time. many. Giving us date nights, helping with the bigs while the little was at doctor appointments, often with very short notice, watching them when Baby P was born and then jaundice.

Flowers to brighten up our home.

Friends knowing all the money we saved for home improvements this fall was given to doctors' offices, so they surprise us and do multiple home improvements for us, more than we ever would have imagined.

Anonymous gift cards

Acquaintances full of wisdom fitting me into their full schedule to encourage me.

Friends from long ago came and sat in the ER in MN and then stayed while with me while my child screamed getting his EEG.

Perfect gifts that came at the right exact time that brought Ryan and I to tears. 

Almost strangers who have walked the Infantile Spasm road giving us a gift that was life-giving. 

Friends who come and have baby cuddles all day long so I can spend time with another one of my littles who's struggling.

A dad who let's me borrow his car at a moments notice to head to St Paul.

I could go on and on. But know

We have been loved well.
Thank you.


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