Sunday, December 29, 2013

Photo Dump

Porter started cuddling with his taggy blanket

We needed to get out of the house and we needed it to be free. Pet Smart to the rescue!

Seriously these two. I love that Ryan and I know these two so well this year that we knew what to exactly get them that they would absolutely love. This made my heart so incredibly happy. Unlike last year when they had only been with us for a month at Christmas.

He would do anything to stare at the TV even if it is just the music channel with the floating blue box.

Uncle love or Beard guess.

We can roll over! Yes we can also roll over back to our back, but much prefer to hang out on our tummy for five minutes and scream for mom to rescue me.

Give a boy your leftover wrapping paper and tape, leave the room, come back to this.

I know it's blurry, but I love the love these two already share. And look at that tummy and chunky legs!

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Anonymous said...

Love all those! (Especially the chunky tummy and legs!)