Wednesday, February 5, 2014

'All we ask for is a healthy baby'

The other day I heard a soon to be momma state that all she asks for is a healthy baby.
She had a pure and beautiful heart, so excited for the baby kicks she felt often.

But in reality, what if your baby isn't healthy? What if your baby struggles to breathe its first breath? What if your baby never learns to walk? What if your baby never learns to speaks words your dream of? What if you baby has seizures while your rocking him to sleep and there's nothing you can do? What if your baby looks different? What if your baby never sleeps through the night?

The truth is
All children are a reward from the Lord (psalm 127:3-5) The kingdom of God belongs to children (Mark 10:14) God has ordained praise from the lips of infants and children (Psalm 8:2) He has knit this precious one together in your womb (Psalm 139:13)

No matter what, your baby is a blessing a beautiful blessing. No matter what struggles come, what heartaches come, what dreams are shattered...they are a beautiful blessing. Don't forget that.