Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Innocence Questions

I often read articles 'Things you Should Never Say to...' I fall in many of these categories. I hear many of these comments, many of these questions.

I could be hurt.

I could be defensive.

I could be offended.

But I try my hardest not to be.

I really believe 99% of people who reach out, who ask questions, who comment really care, really love. They are trying to show it the way they know how.

I pray I always respond to these comments and questions with grace. I have a beautiful example before me of a mom who I have always seen respond in such grace. I want to be like her.

The times I realize they hurt me, they annoy me, they sting me. It's because of my own junk. Me not believing who I am in Christ and who my children are created to be.

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