Thursday, July 31, 2014

My loves

Three of my loves with two of their cousins.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Innocence Questions

I often read articles 'Things you Should Never Say to...' I fall in many of these categories. I hear many of these comments, many of these questions.

I could be hurt.

I could be defensive.

I could be offended.

But I try my hardest not to be.

I really believe 99% of people who reach out, who ask questions, who comment really care, really love. They are trying to show it the way they know how.

I pray I always respond to these comments and questions with grace. I have a beautiful example before me of a mom who I have always seen respond in such grace. I want to be like her.

The times I realize they hurt me, they annoy me, they sting me. It's because of my own junk. Me not believing who I am in Christ and who my children are created to be.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Porter is a Year

Baby P is a year old.

He adores his brother and sister and they adore him. It typically works out really well except for the few times the bigs don't quite realize their strength.

He crawls, everywhere. Loves going from one thing to the next. He likes to open and shut things. He also is a fan 'standing' on his knees. No real desire to get on his feet yet, but he's all about kneeling.

He responds to familiar voices with smiles.

He mostly wakes up happy with smiles and laughing. He'll sleep from 700pm-700am with waking up once a night.

He loves raspberries, yogurt, milk, chicken, banana/egg pancackes, and peaches.

He started saying momomomom, bababababa.

He only cries or whines when he's poopy or tired.

He will happily be held by anyone unless he sees his mom. Then he only wants his mom.

He loves being outside, playing in water, taking baths, chasing our dog.

Photos by Kassie Maroney