Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lil Ev's birth story

here's a way too detailed account of Miss Everton's arrival...

On Thursday December 4th, we went to Abel and Erni's Christmas concert. My back hurt when I sat on the bleachers but I just figured that was 39 1/2 weeks pregnant pains sitting on a hard bleacher. When we were leaving, my neighbor asked me if I needed someone to come by if I went into labor in the middle of the night. Sarcastically I said I would call her at 1am that night when I went into labor.

I went to bed that night and then woke up at 1am with my first contraction (It was 100% back labor which I did not have at all with Porter so I was unsure.) I woke Ryan up and told him that I think I had my first contraction and wanted to let him know but he could go back to bed. My plan was to hopefully go back to bed also as I was expecting a longer labor.

Two minutes later Ryan woke up. He later stated "you really thought I was going to be able to go back to bed with my wife in labor." We had a couple of things we wanted to get at the grocery store the next morning, so he decided to make a quick run to Hy-Vee. I had to call my brother anyways to come stay with the older two.

I took a quick shower. The contractions were quite strong, but the timing was not predictable at all and were not consistent. I called Rick and then his wife and possibly Rick again. One of them finally answered and Rick headed to our place. (Somewhere in here I started my lovely throwing up.) Ten minutes later I decided, I think these are really for real and really coming pretty quickly. I called Ryan letting him know, he should probably head back asap. When Ryan got there, I definitely could not walk or talk through the contractions anymore. We packed up the van with Porter and headed out at 2:10ish.

On the car ride, I could not sit down at all. I was on my knees facing the back of the van. I remember thinking where could I dive or what could I do, to make this awful intense back pain go away. The wonderful part about the contractions though was at that point they distinctly came and went. I was able to relax for the short time they were gone. I have absolutely no idea how close they were at this point but they felt pretty darn close with a few seconds of relief in between.

We dropped Porter off at our lovely friends' house in Waukee. Then headed to the hospital. We got to Mercy at 3:10am. We went upstairs and the lady let us in and I immediately curled up in a ball on the ground. The receptionist was super confused. Very soon, several nurses came to my rescue. They brought a wheelchair, I attempted to sit down, but they was unbelievably painful. I'm sure Miss Everton wasn't a fan of me sitting on her head either :)

I walked back to the room. As soon as I walk in, I saw six nurses ready. (With Porter there was only one and the one was very calm.) These six looked like they were ready to catch a baby. I of course immediately said "Can I get an epidural?' The nurse looked at me with pity and said "oh sweetie you are far too gone for that." And how else would a pregnant woman respond...."This is my worst nightmare coming true." (I'm a bit of a drama queen apparently.) 

I was at a nine with a very very bulging water sac. Due to me being positive for Group B strep, the nurses needed to put an IV in me. It took five pokes (I had had a stomach bug for four days the day before I went into labor so I was definitely dehydrated.) Those five pokes were by far the worst part of labor.

I continued the whole time to have only back labor and it never moved to the front. I remember feeling the need to push oh so many times but the nurses were waiting for the doctor to arrive and for the antibiotics to be in as long as possible. I would start pushing as it would make the pain go away and would be reprimanded to keep breathing :)

At 4:00ish, the doctor finally gave the go ahead. 5-10 minutes of pushing after only three hours of contractions, little Miss Everton arrived at 4:10am.

A few days before the arrival.

A few minutes old!

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