Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Whole 30

Ryan and I just completed the Whole 30. We are always up for a good challenge to self control like such and such.

The Whole 30 program has you cut out all foods that could possibly have harmful effects on your body. Gives your gut 30 days to heal and helps your body reset.

Foods that are eliminated are sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, and dairy.

My random observations over the last month...

Sugar is in everything. Soy is in everything. Corn is in everything. Well everything that is processed.

I am an alcoholic in regards to Mountain Dew. I love the stuff but there its an all or something beverage for me. I went several years without it and every day of those several years I thought about Mountain Dew. The Whole 30 was a great excuse to go back to no Mountain Dew.

They say it is supposed to help your sleep tons. Yeah that didn't happen....you know the three month old.

I have a sugar dragon as they call it. Did the whole 30 slay it? It's still hiding in the corner. But I am aware it exists now.

I thought I would miss dairy a lot. I don't.

I enjoy making homemade mayo, ranch and ketchup. I hope to continue this. They are all super easy to make and soooo much better for you and simplier.

I lost a lot of weight for 30 days. The Whole 30 isn't a weight loss program, nor did we do it for that reason. But with cutting out A LOT of soda and breastfeeding led to atypical results and a bunch of baby weight.

I read this or watched this somewhere that it isn't fat that makes you fat but it is sugar. Sugar does crazy things to you.

I love avocados. I love using good fats confidently.

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