Sunday, August 7, 2016

A Goodbye

Today after eight years, I say goodbye to Westwind Church.

It's hard to put into words what saying goodbye to such a place is like. This church has been my home, my family, my support for the last eight years.

This place, these people, they have rejoiced in my joys; they have mourned in my sorrows.

They have seen, they have experienced, they have been with me

the death of my mom

engagement to my man
   the first years of marriage
   a move to the country

journey into foster care
    cries of redemption
    hard moments
    and then into adoption

a baby born
    a baby diagnosed with an incurable genetic disease

and then another baby
    and a beautiful peace

This church has seen this all. They have carried me at times.

They have brought meals, they have showed up, prayed for me, sent cards of encouragement, came at a moments of notice as the world seemed to be falling apart, they have given me many hugs, they have welcomed my family with arms open, they have cuddled my babes, they have rejoiced at first steps and first words, groceries bought, a home improvements projects completed, anonymous gift cards, they have shared their wisdom, listened, challenged me to know Jesus more, taught me to love deeply.

I have been changed by you.

My heart is overwhelmed.

Thank you Westwind. Thank you for being the body of Christ.