My Story

I'm now a thirty something mom.  Woah, that's a bit shocking to write.

I follow Jesus. He's my life.

I married a man who love Jesus more than he loves me. It's beautiful.

We've adopted two unbelievably amazing kids through foster care who are possibly the most resilient people I have ever and will likely ever meet.

We had a baby. He was born with Tuberous Sclerosis. He has had infantile spasms. The most innocent looking seizures, but tear your child apart on the inside.

My sisters mean the world to me.  My mom taught me you hang onto sisters like gold you've just found after years of laborious searching for buried treasure.

I lost my mom to COPD. I treasure the journal and blog she left for me.

I think Instragram filters make the most ugly moments in life beautiful.  God can do that too.

I cry a lot. I cry happy tears. I cry ugly sad, mad tears. Ask my oldest. I tell him at least once a week "there you go making mom cry 'I'm so happy tears again.'"

Our family isn't done yet. Not sure what that means. foster care, adoption, baby in the belly.

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